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Certificate Suspension

Certificate Suspension
Description Certificate SuspensionGo
Qualification The subscriber may apply for certificate suspension if either of the following situations occurs:
  • The token of certificate key pair is lost or suspected to be embezzled.
  • The subscriber determines to suspend the certificate.
Document Original copy of ID card
Place Application counter of the Household Registration office or online application service
Steps File the application at the counter:
  • The applicant goes to the application counter, expresses the intent to suspend Citizen Digital Certificate IC card, and then submits the ID card for examination.
  • The undertaker delivers the application form for suspension of the certificate IC card which shall be properly filled and returned by the applicant. After completing the operation, the applicant retrieves the ID card and receipt.

Online Application:
The subscriber may file the application for certificate suspension through connection to Web Repository, where the subscriber's identification code is mandatory. The subscriber will have to file the application at the application counter, if he/she forgets the subscriber code, and request RAO, on behalf of the subscriber, to apply to the Authority for the certificate suspension and reconfiguration of the subscriber code.

  • After the certificate suspension application is examined and approved, the Authority will complete the certificate suspension operation within one working day.
  • The subscriber needs not notify the Authority of the suspension period required when applying for certificate suspension; the longest suspension period provided by the Authority ranges from the authorization date to the due date.
  • If the judiciaries notify the Authority to suspend specific certificate through official documents, the Authority shall suspend the certificate after examining the official notification.