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How to Unblock IC Card / Reset PIN

How to Unblock IC Card / Reset PIN
System Recommendation
  • You are recommended to use Browser IE 5.0 or later versions. Set IE security level to "Default Level."
  • Set language to Chinese Big5 and use monitors with resolution at or above 800*600 for best browsing effect.
Operation Instructions
  • Insert your IC card into the card reader, and press the "Forget PIN Code/Decode Locked Card" key.
  • Enter your subscriber code you set at application (differentiate the lower and upper cases of English letters).
  • Enter your new PIN code (to enhance security, you are recommended to use a combination of numbers and English letters ranging from six to eight characters and no spaces).
  • After examination by the Certification Authority, proceed with decoding of the locked card.
  • You can now use your new IC card after decoding of the locked card.
  • If you fail to smoothly complete this operation, please refer to "Decoding of the Locked Card and Change of PIN Code" .
  • Download and install the "MOICA website security components" if "Web Page Errors" appears or no response when pressing the operation button, while enforcing the various certification operations on the MOICA website.
Attention! You must close all browsing web pages upon completing installation of the MOICA website security components. You must also reopen the IE browser and link to the Certification Authority website before you can normally carry out the needed certification operations.
  • You can also use this decoding operation to reset your PIN code if you forget your PIN code but your IC card is not locked.
  • You must firmly bear in mind your IC card PIN code, properly keep and use your private key. Do not disclose your PIN code to others.
  • Upon entering your PIN code erroneously the fourth time or more, please dial customer service for assistance if you still correctly remember your subscriber code.
  • If you forget or lose your subscriber code, please bring with you your original copy of ID card and certificate IC card to the nearest Household Registration Office to change the subscriber code, and then do decoding operation online.
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