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Subject The 2014 MOICA Internet Tax Filing Statistics.
Date 2014-06-09
Announcement Unit Information Center, Ministry of the Interior
Content Since the Debut of MOICA (Citizen Digital Certificate) on April 30, 1992, there had been over 4.25 million cards issued up to May 31, 2013. The public service application totals up to 2,117 functions and the online application usage counts were more than 280 million, showing that the Government in promoting convenient e-Gov services has reached some practical success. Among those popular applications, the Online Income Tax Filing is well-versed into people's lives. The joined effort of Ministry of Finance and Ministry of the Interior to actively push forward the fruitful application is summarized as follows:
    1. The 2013 income tax declaration with MOICA accounted to 151 million households (including trial tax calculation), about 15% increase over 2012. The 2013 MOICA tax declaration took up 44% of the total number of Internet tax filing.
    2. During the tax filing period (May 1 to June 3) of 2013, the number of MOICA being issued was 318,863.
    3. The total number of using MOICA to download the income tax information totaled 1,684,306.
    4. The number of help desk inquiry phone calls received by Citizen Digital Certificate Management Center call center is 39,134 during this tax filing period which not only helped to address the public Internet tax related issues, but also was evident that it was promoting e-government more effectively and conveniently.