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Apply for Certificate

Apply for Certificate
Description Certificate IC Card Application Procedures
Qualification R.O.C. citizens aged 18 or above and who have household registration in the R.O.C.
  • Original copy of ID card
Place Application counter of the Household Registration Office.
  • Go to the subscription website to make reservation. Enter required information including ID card number, birth date, telephone number and so on.
  • Reserve the application date and application office.
  • Bring with you your personal ID card (NOT driver's license or other documents) to your reserved Household Registration Office. Ask for application form and submit your ID card for examination.
  • Fill in the certificate IC card application form (include your name, ID card number, email address, etc) and return the form to the counter.
  • Verify that the information on the application form printout is correct, sign and return the form for printing the certificate IC card.
  • Check that all certificate contents are correct, sign the acceptance confirmation letter and return it to the counter. If inaccuracies are found, you should reject the certificate and reapply for a new one at the registration counter.
  • Get back your ID card, IC card, IC card application and user manual, as well as the receipt.
  • You must first read the Subscriber Agreement. Apply for the certificate only if you agree to the terms and conditions in the Agreement.
  • If you fail to complete the certificate acceptance operation in 90 calendar days after issuance, it will be deemed as rejection of the certificate. The certificate will then be revoked automatically without publication.
  • If you apply for the certificate at the counter and sign to confirm application, the certificate acceptance operation will be completed at the Household Registration Office and you do not have to open the IC card for use.