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IndexPrivacy Statement

The claims of privacy policy for Citizen Digital Certificate Authority of MOI website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") are shown as follows. Please read them carefully to protect you interests.

Without the user's consent, the Website shall comply with the Computer-Processed Personal Information Law and shall not collect the user's personal information spontaneously.

The service mailbox offered by the Website or the contact information submitted with respect to application for certificate only serves for the purpose of official contact. The Website shall protect the personal information filled in by users and prevent it from being misused, accessed or released without authorization.

Other websites connected with the Website have their own privacy protection policies. No warranties of any kind are made with respect to the Website if information is processed improperly in other websites.

The Website may revise the privacy protection policy if required. Other details which are not duly provided shall be handled subject to existing laws and regulations and cyber regulations.