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What's Citizen Digital Certificate

Citizen Digital Certificate is your internet ID for bilateral identification while you are exchanging information on the internet.
We all know that the internet is a convenient tool. However, our Government has been unable to offer service to our people on the internet. This is mainly because:

  1. It is difficult to verify a person's identity on the internet.
    (Other people can easily fake your name and change your land deed causing you heavy losses.)
  2. Data transmission on the internet is not entirely safe.
    (For instance, many vicious hackers commit illegal acts.)

So far you are required to personally bring your personal ID to government offices if you need any service.

With the advent of progress in science and technology, we begin to use the "authentication" tool. "Authentication" embraces "digital signature" and "public key".This public key is one half of the result of algorithm in the smart IC card. The other half of the key is the "private key" eternally stored in the IC chip. A protocol between the user of authentication and the Certificate Authority ensures that your identity can be recognized with this authentication. Encryption is being used to protect your information in the course of transmission through internet. Even hackers cannot easily decrypt the protection.

This citizen digital certificate is issued by the Interior Ministry Certificate Authority. With this certificate, you can enjoy government e-Service at home online and you are no longer required to go back and forth to government offices. This minimizes your risk of personal information leakage.

The government provides a host of infrastructure service. But you need to apply before you can enjoy the conveniences. To enjoy the convenient use of electricity, you need to apply for a power meter. To enjoy the convenient use of water, you need to apply for a water meter. Likewise, you need to apply for citizen digital authentication if you want to enjoy the convenience of various government services online.

With citizen digital certificate, the "internet is the road". Having the citizen digital certificate is like having your "internet ID". The government hopes to realize your comfortable internet life.