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使用外來人口自然人憑證IC卡有何需注意事項? What are the precautions for using the alien citizen natural person certificate IC card?
1、請套以IC 卡保護塑膠套,以免表面磨損;並請置於乾燥常溫環境中。
3、不可用尖銳物品去刮戳或擠壓IC 卡晶片正背面的部份,以免IC 晶片損毀無法使用。
4、不可將卡片置於下述環境中,以免造成IC 卡片損毀無法使用: 放入強酸、強鹼或腐蝕性的環境。 使用酒精、任何溶劑或是液體擦拭IC 卡表面造成保護層剝落。用熱源加熱卡片、直接接觸火源、置於高溫曝曬環境、直接接觸電源或放在高磁場環境內。
5、不可使用任何非經內政部憑證管理中心網站上所提供之應用軟體,進行IC卡PIN 碼變更或鎖卡解碼作業,以免造成IC 卡永久鎖卡,無法讀取使用。
6、如未依上述注意事項使用憑證IC 卡,以致憑證IC 卡無法正常讀取使用者,本憑證管理中心將不予更換新卡。
1. Please use a plastic protective cover to protect the IC card and avoid surface abrasion. Place the card in a dry and room-temperature environment.
2. Do not bend or stick on the front and back, smear, and cover the card by any objects that increase the thickness of the card, which will make it difficult to insert the card or will damage the chip.
3. DO NOT scratch or squeeze the front and back of the chip on the IC card by sharp objects to avoid damages to the IC chip.
4. Do not put the card in the following environments to avoid damage to the IC card:
DO NOT put the card in a strong acid, strong alkali or corrosive environment, use alcohol, any solvent or liquid to wipe the surface of the IC card which may peel off the protective layer, or use a heat source to heat the card, directly touch a fire source, place the card in a high-temperature exposure environment, directly touch the power supply or place the card in a high magnetic field environment.
5. DO NOT use any application software provided on the Certificate Authority of MOI website to change the IC card PIN code or decode a locked card which may cause the IC card to be permanently locked and unable to be read and used anymore.
6. If the certificate IC card is not used in accordance with the above precautions, resulting in that the certificate IC card cannot be read normally by the users, the Certificate Management Center will not replace the damage card with a new card.
如何確認外來人口自然人憑證IC卡是否可正常使用? How to confirm whether the alien citizen natural person certificate IC card can be used normally?
如欲進一步確認讀卡機是否已安裝完成,請連結至內政部憑證管理中心網站,網址:https://moica.nat.gov.tw,點選外來人口/憑證作業/檢視憑證IC卡資訊,依照操作說明,進行IC 卡資訊的讀取測試。
Please check whether the card reader has been installed correctly and whether the light signal is displayed normally. Please refer to the installation instructions for the card reader installation procedure, and contact the card reader manufacturer for assistance for troubleshooting.
To further confirm whether the card reader has been installed, please link to the Certificate Authority of MOI website: https://moica.nat.gov.tw/, and click alien citizen/certificate process/certificate information, and follow the operating instructions to perform a reading test of the IC card.
若已確認正常安裝了讀卡機,但檢視外來人口自然人憑證時仍無法正常讀取時該怎麼辦? What should I do if I have confirmed the normal installation of the card reader, but cannot read the alien citizen natural person certificate normally to check the certificate information?
1、下載安裝HiCOS卡片管理工具:請至自然人憑證管理中心網站,網址:https://moica.nat.gov.tw點選 外來人口 / 儲存庫 / 檔案下載 / HiCOS卡片管理工具 / 檔案下載 (請先儲存至桌面,再進行解壓縮)/桌面點選HiCOS Client 進行安裝,依照步驟完成安裝後請重開機讓設定值生效。
用戶端系統檢測工具:重新開機後,點選 開始 / 所有程式 (程式集) / HiCOS PKI Smart Card / HiCOS用戶端系統環境檢測工具 / 將卡片置入讀卡機 / 點選"開始測試"。
(a)若檢測結果第1項至第 9項全數通過,則表示用戶的外來人口自然人憑證可以正常讀取。
(c)檢測項目第8項及第9項僅為讀取憑證內有效期限的起迄時間,憑證效期讀取檢測結果,係與使用者之IC卡與電腦設定日期進行比對,如用戶電腦日期設定有誤,將影響檢測結果判斷。用戶仍需至自然人憑證管理中心網站 / 查詢憑證簽發情形,確認卡片是否為有效狀態。
Please follow the following procedures and instructions to install the HiCOS card management tool and perform a test to confirm whether the card password of the alien citizen natural person certificate, the operating environment, and the card function have passed the tests.
1. Downloading and installing the HiCOS card management tool: Please go to the Certificate Management Center website: https://moica.nat.gov.tw/ and click alien citizen / repository / file download / HiCOS card management tool to down the file (Please save the file to the desktop first, and then decompress the file)/Desktop Click HiCOS Client to install, follow the procedures to complete the installation, and reboot the system to make the configuration effective.
2. Testing the environment (including the operating system and the card reader support) and IC card reading, encryption and decryption function and checking the validity period: Please follow the following procedure after completing the installation of the HiCOS card management tool:
Client system inspection tool: Click Start/Program Set/HiCOS PKI Smart Card/HiCOS client system environment inspection tool/ after the reboot, and put the card into the card reader and click “Start Testing”. “Testing Passed”
(a) If all items 1 to 9 of the test result pass, it means that the subscriber's alien citizen natural person certificate can be read normally.
(b) If all the tests are passed and the certificate is valid, but the relevant application service system still cannot be logged in successfully, please contact the customer service hotline of the application service unit to confirm whether the components of the application service and related settings are correct.
(c) The 8th and 9th test items are only to read the starting and ending time of the validity period of the certificate. The read validity period of the certificate is compared with the user's IC card and computer setting date, such as the subscriber computer date setting. If there is an error, it will affect the determination of the test results. The subscriber still needs to go to the natural person Certificate Management Center website to inquire about the issuance of the certificate and confirm whether the card is in a valid status. “Testing Failed”
(a) If any item is failed in the test, please follow the “Examination Contents/Remarks" to eliminate the problem before carrying on the operation.
(b) If items 2, 4, 6 and 7 are failed in the test, the reason is due to the card reader since some models of card reader will have this situation (such as the button-type card reader). Since MOI does not operate the card reader-related business, you are recommended to call the card reader manufacturer for technical support, or change to a card reader with a different model number for a try.
外來人口自然人憑證IC卡會不會消磁? Will the alien citizen natural person certificate IC card be demagnetized?
The IC card is a precision IC chip structure without any magnetic tape, and thus there is no issue of demagnetization, but the IC card should avoid places with high temperature or external forces.
憑證序號與IC卡卡號有何不同?可以統一嗎? What is the difference between the certificate serial number and IC card number?
The certificate serial number is generated by the system. Each certificate has a different serial number, which is used to identify the identity of the certificate. The IC card number is the number generated during the production of the IC card. The two encoding methods are different, and their purposes of use are different, and currently they cannot be unified.
憑證IC卡上可以放我的相片嗎? Can I put my photo on the certificate IC card?
The purpose of the certificate is provided for the identity identification for electronic services, and thus currently no photo is included.