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MOICA Registration Authority Counter (RAC)
Qualification A natural person over 18 years of age (inclusive) who owns an effective ARC card.
Where RAC counter:
Presented Items (1) ARC card
(2) Mobile Phone Number
(3) An e-mail address
Office hours The Immigration Service Station accepts the MOICA application during Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 17:00
Proceed to using MOICA 【Carried-on tools】
1.An MOICA IC card.
2.A card reader compatible with MOICA IC card.
3.Computer devices accessible to the Internet.
【Usage Procedure】
1.Install the card reader drivers. (Please use the CD ROM provided by the manufacturer)
2.Connect the computer to the Internet.
3.Select Apps wished to use. (For available e-government applications, please visit MOICA's website and Click on "Apps" to query.)
4.In accordance with the instructions on the web page, click on the application and enter the relevant information needed for the Internet application.