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Certificate Revocation

Certificate Revocation
Description Revocation of Certificate IC Card
Qualification Under the following conditions (but not limited), the subscriber is obliged to submit evocation application of the certificate to the register authority:
  • Suspect or prove that the Private Key is decoded.
  • The information recorded in the certificate is changed significantly, which may influence the credibility. For example, the subscriber's name has been changed.
  • There is no need to use the certificate any more.
Document Original copy of ID card
Place Application counter of the Household Registration office
  • The applicant files the application at the application counter and expresses the intent to revoke Citizen Digital Certificate IC card; and then submits the ID card for examination.
  • The undertaker delivers the application form for revocation of certificate IC card which shall be properly filled and returned by the applicant.
  • After completing the operation, the applicant retrieves the ID card and receipt.
  • After the revocation application of the certificate is examined, the subscriber may link to the repository to query about the revocation of the certificate.
  • After the revocation application of the certificate goes through the examination, the Authority will complete the certificate revocation operation in a working day.
  • If the judiciaries notify the intent to revoke specific certificate according to official documents, the Authority will revoke the certificate after examining the official notification.
  • With regards to the following conditions, the Authority may revoke the certificate directly without prior consent of the subscriber:

    ● Any false written information of the certificate has been confirmed.
    ● Subscriber's Private Key is infringed, counterfeited or decoded.
    ● The Authority's Private Key or system is infringed, counterfeited or decoded, which may influence the certificate's credibility.
    ● The certificate issued violates the procedure of the Certification Practices Statement.
    ● The subscriber has violated the Certificate Practice Guideline or relevant laws and regulations.
    ● The certificate is revoked pursuant to formal official notification of the judiciaries.
    ● The certificate subscriber is dead or proclaimed to be dead.
    ● The certificate subscriber is deprived of the nationality of R.O.C.
    ● The subscriber has changed his/her name.
    ● The ID number of the subscriber is changed.